VT-RAG/24 On-Prem AI Studio

A workstation for developing and deploying on-prem AI chatbots

We aim to provide virtual agent (AI chatbot) solutions hosted on-premises to ensure maximum data control. Our innovative design of the Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) system enables organizations to fully manage their data by deploying servers on-premises while still making the chatbots accessible over the web.



We use AI/ML technologies to create innovative operational intelligence solutions

  • By providing easy and contextual chatbots to data and documents.
  • "AIfying" the field operations to improve the service turn-around.
  • By incorporating AI/ML into customer business processes.
  • By offering tailored training programs on AI/ML, climate, energy efficiency, and building management.

Context-aware information retrieval

Context-aware information retrieval helps field staff and consumers access relevant data and documents, enabling quicker troubleshooting and support.

Virtual agents (chatbots)

Users can interact with virtual agents, for easy access to relevant data and documents, through an easy to use web interface.

Open source software

We promote an open-source software stack for energy monitoring and operations to deliver cost savings for OEMs, businesses, and retail customers.